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Tailored Consignment is a leader in the luxury menswear consignment space.


By providing a robust white-glove service and peace-of-mind consignment program, they’ve quickly become a trusted source to sell luxury pre-owned items for consignors from around the world.


Brian Poretz, the founder of Tailored Consignment started the business as a weekend hobby reselling personal clothes and thrifted items.


Today, Tailored Consignment has transformed into a leading platform connecting buyers and sellers of new and pre-loved luxury designer menswear from around the world. 

Throughout the years, Brian has been a contributor to, the world’s largest menswear fashion forum. Having earned the nickname "B&S (BS) ambassador-in-chief" for his contributions.


For over 5 years Tailored-Consignment has had its eBay store ranked as a Top Rated Power Seller and has accumulated 13,000+ feedback while generating over $3,000,000 of successful transactions.



Our way of making a difference.

Tailored Consignment has partnered with a number of non-profit organizations who receive in large donations of clothing.


We are able to help turn donated clothing into a sustained revenue stream without disrupting the day to day activities of these amazing organizations.


We are always looking to partner with new non-profits who receive menswear items or are conducting clothing drives.


If you know of a non-profit organization who might need our help please CONTACT US



Our goal is to find the right buyer for your new and gently-used luxury menswear and accessories. You create some space in your already-stuffed closet and receive good money doing so.


We work diligently to ensure that we generate the highest possible selling price for your items. To both attract potential buyers, and keep them coming back, we make sure to:

  • Leverage our extensive knowledge of brands and labels in order to give accurate and relevant information to our buyers

  • Choose the right keywords for titles to attract the maximum possible eBay searches

  • Keep on top of current seasonal fashion trends

  • Take multiple pictures in our in-house studio

  • Provide reliable and detailed measurements


Buyers associate value not only with the item itself but also with Tailored Consignment, due to our long history of providing high-quality items and excellent customer service.

Due to the sheer volume of items sold, we have intimate knowledge of all the vagaries of doing business on eBay. There’s hardly any situation that we haven’t encountered.

One benefit of being a Top Rated Power Seller is our ability to speak with a Top Tier eBay Representative here in the United States if any issues do arise. We are always here to help.

If you have any questions regarding consignment, general guidance on different brands, or if you need us to provide you with references, you can always reach us at

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